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Dec 242015


  • Beta 3
  • Marshalls Included
  • Working Race Data


I apologize for my lack of creativity on naming this track. This is a flowing track with lots of line options and big jumps. Nothing is terribly technical, but very fun. All marshals, replay cams and race data is fully functional.

Dec 052015





Here you go guys, another new skin ive been working on. made some changes to the engine skin which look cool. hope you like it 😀 enjoy!

Dec 032015



  • Beta 3



Here’s a track i made aimed at the total MX Bikes novice, nothing crazy. simple,small jumps with some nice turns.
terrible objects and textures used, also no gates or race data! 😀 just ignore the starting gates dotted around the track.. hahha thanks to TheFatController for all his advice and help 😀


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