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New Bike Models Landed!



It feels like a long time waiting, but finally we have more than just a KTM to get our hands on!

Ankle o’ Steel (rc4187) has been working for a few months now learning how to import custom bike models into MXB for the community and they don’t disappoint. So far this week we’ve seen the release of the incredibly fun and instantly popular online Pitbike, followed by 4 CRF’s (CRF250, CRF450, CRF250 Supermoto and the CRF450 Supermoto).

The CRF’s really are great bikes all round, especially if you’re a Honda fan. It’s the opinion of some on the PiBoSo forum that GP Bikes doesn’t really show it’s full potential until you’ve tried a mod bike and the same definitely seems to be true for MX Bikes – While the MSM’s are great bikes, even industry standard in this case, the CRF’s bring something entirely new. Personally I find the stability, responsiveness, suspension and the expectation of how the bike will react to be an improvement and that’s where the fun factor really comes into play.

Where it get’s interesting is the CRF 250 was tested next to the MSM 250xf on Forest Raceway and was found to be of pretty much equal match, so having two bikes that can behave slightly differently but achieve a similar overall lap time will really make for some variety online. We’re really looking forward to the addition of the CRF’s to servers so we can get down to brass tacks and see if the bikes really are an even match or one has the edge!

Along with the addition of the new bikes available to download, new categories have been added to the site so you don’t have to dig through pages of stock skins to find what you’re looking for.. So what are you guys waiting for? Let’s see some CRF skins!


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